*Limited Edition* iC Curlformers


*Limited Edition* iC Curlformers

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Perfect for all ages and all hair types. Best of all, Curlformers will never cause heat damage—we guarantee it.

Packed in a easy-to-carry holdall, take Curlformers anywhere to create amazing curls-on-the-go. Each kit includes 40 Extra Long & Wide Curlformers in 2 different colors: 20 gold for clockwise curls and 20 silver for anti-clockwise curls.

Styling Kit for Extra Long Spiral Curls Contains:

  • 40 Extra Long and Wide Curlformers
  • Easy-To-Carry Holdall
  • 2 Styling Hooks
  • Application Instructions

Genuine Curlformers by HairFlair successfully conform to USA Regulations and EU REACH Regulations on plastics and heavy metals. Does not contain Latex.

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